Andri Gerber

Archives 2011


Architecture studies at the ETH Zürich ; project architect and architect in charge for Peter Eisenman, New York ; Phd at the ETH Zürich awarded with ETH medal and founded by several grants ; 2008-2010 research fellow, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (2010 Book : Researching architecture, Quart Verlag) ; since 2008 Visiting Professor, since 2009 Associate Professor and since 2010 Head of the master program mutations urbaines at the Ecole Spéciale d’architecture in Paris (with M. Ghorayeb and J. Sauterau), since 2008 with Bettina Gerber and Silvia Baumgartner architectural practice in Zürich, since 2010 lecturer in architectural theory and history at the University of Vaduz. 


Atelier d’architecture Grade 1 Semestre 5

Responsable du DES Mutations urbaines
avec Marlène Ghorayeb et Jacques Sautereau


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